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Mechanic: Paul Emerick

Service Summer Shop Hours: April - September Tuesday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm

October thru mid November for Winterizing Closed mid November thru Feburary

Winterization is really nothing more than following proper

storage procedures. Whether a location has a typical winter or not, you should know how to properly store your boat because even a state like Texas can be hit with cold weather.

During a freeze, fresh water that has not been flushed out of a boat can cause major damage. Water left in pipes, plumbing lines, holding lines, sewage tanks or the engine has the potential to freeze and expand causing, potentially, thousands of dollars worth of damage to a boat. A cracked engine from lack of winterization can be very costly. Even more, if you didn’t take the time to winterize your boat, those damages may not be covered under your boat insurance policy. That’s why it’s so imprtant to take some time to winterize your boat.

Why winterize your boat? Winterizing Form We mainly work on storage customers boat,  but due take in outside work per referral or call in.